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MS41 Quickflash Software with Logging

MS41 Quickflash Software with Logging

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Siemens DME MS41.0, MS41.1, MS41.2 Flash Tool for M52(non-tu) and S52 Engines.

  • Partial flashes in ~10 seconds
  • Full flashes (program/tune section) in 
  • 1 minute-Partial reads in seconds
  • Full reads in ~30 seconds
  • All checksums including program section are automatically corrected
  • Software patching is automatically performed when converting between software versions ms41.0/41.1/41.2
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes reading and clearing
  • Adaptations to be reading and resetting
  • Live data viewing and logging
  • EWS Delete Option

Requires FT232RL chipset cable.

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