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OE-Grade E36 Strut Tower Body Color Sticker
OE-Grade E36 Strut Tower Body Color Sticker
OE-Grade E36 Strut Tower Body Color Sticker

OE-Grade E36 Strut Tower Body Color Sticker

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Perfect OE-Grade Replicated Body Color Stickers

Restoration grade labels that are original to the year of manufacture styling. Made with OEM Tesa material and laser etched using vector graphics generated from original labels. This is not your standard replicated printed sticker attempt. These are the real deal in texture, crispness and durability.

Colors and Availability
Alpine White III 300 - Available now
Hellrot 314 - Available now
Dakar Yellow II 337 - Available now
Cosmos Black Metallic 303 - Available now
Arctic Silver Metallic 309 - Available now
Titanium Silver Metallic 354 - Available now
Avus Blue Metallic 276 - Pending 2-3week wait
Estoril Blue Metallic 335 - Available now
Daytona Violet Metallic 283 - Pending 2-3week wait
Techno Violet Metallic 299 - Available now
Boston Green Metallic 275 - Available now
Fern Green Metallic 386 - Available now
Byzantium Metallic Orange 355 - Pending 2-3week wait

Any body color can be replicated. Custom and/or uncommon color codes not listed have an additional art fee attached to them. Custom color codes must include a high quality image sticker sample (or acceptance of artwork from scratch based on other original sticker fonts).

BMW still offers replacement stickers but their fonts, styles, and material have changed. You will not get an original-grade replacement going this route.

These stickers have zero stretch and act just like the original material used on your BMW. Matte black on white base color.

Please ensure this sticker style and color scheme matches your original before ordering.